Coffee Bean Blend Matching

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Anyone who has their own coffee blend/brand is well aware of how essential it is to maintain a consistent, fresh, taste experience for consumers.


Global Beverage Solutions’ Professional Coffee Tasters are skilled in matching existing coffee blends resulting in a seamless distribution of quality coffee under your label.


The meticulous process of matching coffee blends involves:

  • Cataloguing samples of the blend to be matched.  This includes packaging materials, production codes and manufacturing dates.


  • Physical analysis of the product to determine the package weight, grind, moisture, residual oxygen and roast colour.


  • Testing and analysis of visual characteristics and cupping to evaluate the acidity, body, aroma and flavour.  The resulting flavour profile identifies the type of bean and probable countries of origin.


  • Creation of sample Roasts by our experts who will continuously test until an actual match is brewed.

After this process, your consumers who are already familiar with a label’s product, will receive the same great taste they expect without being able to taste any difference.

Contact one of the friendly Team at Global Beverage Solutions today to discuss Coffee Blend Matching & Private Labelling.


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