The Futurmat Ottima Evo is the espresso machine for foodservice outlets that seek to offer their clients a quality coffee beverage from equipment that is easy to maintain and which offers all the necessary features.



The Futurmat Ottima Evo is a machine with clean and modern lines. Its elegant and built to last design make it ideal for any location that strives to achieve the intensity of the perfect cup of coffee.

This coffee machine achieves perfect espresso thanks to its excellent thermal stability and high reliability.

Different models are available to suit any coffee serving outlet: with electronic dosification there are 1 Group, 2 Group, and 2 Group Tall Cup models. There is also a Semi-automatic model in 2 groups.

The work area is illuminated in Tall Cup models.

Available in either black and white.

The OTTIMA EVO Electronic 1 Group model is ideal to use with different capsule formats thanks to optional filter holder kits.