Quality Espresso has  developed an espresso  machine that combines the  solvency and robustness of  the prestigious Futurmat brand with the latest  technological advances.



Futurmat Sensius is born from the experience and capacity for innovation of a company with a history of more than 60 years and with a presence in over 90 countries. Quality Espresso presents a product that is extremely reliable, with an exquisite Italian design, and which has caught the attention of baristas and coffee enthusiasts from inception.

The design of the new Futurmat Sensius is inspired by the Italian avant-garde, with a nod to the latest European minimalist trends. Its simple and elegant lines, the combination of steel and high-quality materials on the steam taps and surfaces.

The Sensius comes in a choice of three body colors which allows it to blend into any establishment, regardless of the decor.

Body colours:  Bronze, White and Black (available with 2 or 3 groups)

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