MAZZER Major Electronic Grinder

The Mazzer Major electronic coffee grinder is a favorite of medium and high volume cafes around the world. Featuring 83mm flat burrs, a stepless grind collar, and electronic dosing for single and double shots, it’s just what most busy cafes need.



The expertly-crafted 83mm steel flat burrs give you uniform and consistent grounds for espresso. A stepless grind collar adjusts the burrs and enables you to find that perfect grind size, so you’re not limited to just a few pre-determined settings.

The electronic display not only counts shots, but it allows you to set dosing times for single and double shots in 0.05 second increments. A quick ‘manual’ button allows you to top off your portafilter if the doser needs adjustment.

A cooling fan keeps the Mazzer Major a steady temperature, even when it gets warm in the cafe, and the large 1.8kg hopper will keep you going for hours in-between refills.

Ideal For: Medium to High Volume Cafes


83mm Flat Burrs — Grind for espresso with precision and consistency.

Stepless Grind Collar — Enables you to find the perfect grind size by not limiting you to a handful of preset setting.

Electronic Dosing — Determine the dose timing for single and double shots in 0.05 second increments.

On Demand Grinding — Grind just when you need it.

Cooling Fan — Keeps the grinder cool, even in warm environments.


Additional information

Weight 28 kg
Dimensions 360 × 250 × 635 cm