MAZZER Major Automatic Grinder

The Mazzer Major Automatic features a generous 1.8kg hopper that keeps the shots flowing for long periods of time before a refill is needed. An electronic fan keeps the entire device cool, even on warm, busy days.

Ideal for medium to high-volume cafes.




Mazzer Major Automatic Grinder features include:

83mm flat burrs — Produce consistent and precise grounds for espresso.

Stepless grind collar — Find the perfect grind size without limits on settings.

Automatic grinding — Grinds more coffee every twelve doses automatically, giving you a constant supply of freshly ground coffee.

Adjustable dosing — Consistently doses 5.5 to 8g of coffee, depending on your setting.

Generous 1.8kg hopper — Perfect for keeping the shots flowing in high-volume locations.

Electronic fan — Keeps the grinder a steady temperature at all times.

Featuring rapid 83mm flat burrs, the Mazzer Major Automatic Grinder has a stepless grind collar and an auto-fill function for the doser, it’s a great option for cafes who are used to having a steady flow of traffic.


Additional information

Weight 28 kg
Dimensions 360 × 250 × 635 cm