Thermoplan Black & White 4 neo – Auto Coffee Machine

Filling a gap in the market, neo is a new, fully automatic professional coffee machine designed for a low daily requirement of 20 to 100 cups.


With its innovative milk technology, easy maintenance and top-quality milk foam and coffee, neo is the perfect choice for new areas of application.


Find out why neo is ideal for your business.


neo guarantees consistently high quality whatever time of day the coffee is served and no matter how old the coffee beans are.

The robust Clip&Click brewing chamber system enables multiple brewing cycles, meaning that large coffee beverages of consistently high quality can be dispensed in one go. It is made of the latest materials and can be cleaned in the dishwasher.

A perfect blend of highly intuitive design and efficiency

neo is designed to make our customers’ lives easier: Thanks to the cup recognition function, no beverage is dispensed if the cup is not positioned correctly under the spout.

Optional accessories are available such as a second coffee grinder and bean hopper, a powder unit for chocolate or milk powder, a steam wand for plant-based milk varieties, and external hot water outlets for tea.

All containers can be locked if required – ideal for self-service areas. neo is equipped with a manual insert for an additional (decaffeinated) coffee variety as standard.

Simple maintenance and cleaning that takes care of itself

You can rely on neo.

Not only does the machine have all relevant health and safety certificates such as HACCP and HCV, but also it is extremely low-maintenance.

The high-quality material on the outside is easy to clean, and there are no hard-to-reach nooks and crannies or unnecessary edges or grooves on the machine.

The cleaning programme is set to run automatically in just a few steps. The coffee ducts are cleaned on a weekly basis and the milk ducts daily.

The machine is automatically descaled. All of these processes are started with a simple push of a button.

Drinks for all: A machine for beginners serving beverages to barista standards

neo is equipped with innovative milk technology which even processes milk powder to produce premium foam – perfect for times when the machine is not used as often.

You’ll love the quality of the entire drinks range. And that’s a promise.