Thermoplan Black & White 4 – Auto Coffee Machine

The premier fully automatic coffee machine with the latest technology for peak performance.

Where perfect coffee meets milk foam technology: The Black&White4 is a ground-breaking masterpiece for customers with high standards.

This fully automatic coffee machine brings together excellent product quality and high performance and innovation.



Milk foam as perfection

Thermoplan pioneered the field and is still the leading innovator in the automatic production of perfectly consistent milk foam. With its innovative milk foam technology, Thermoplan proves outstanding milk foam competence: Cold and warm milk in a cup in almost infinitely different consistencies and textures. The perfect finishing touch to every coffee-milk beverage. Inspire your customers!

Technology & design

The Black&White4 sets a new standard among fully automatic coffee machines, combining clear design, perfect functionality and Swiss quality. The Black&White4 is designed as a pro for pros and for intensive use in gastronomy and hospitality. The latest technology guarantees reliability and easy cleaning and maintenance.

Easy to use

Goodness at the push of a button! With its user-friendly software and clear product overview, the Black&White4 is intuitive to use. The robust touchscreen, made of tempered glass, is perfect for constant use in the catering business. What’s more, with the ThermoplanConnect telemetry system, you can see all of the relevant information on your fully automatic coffee machine via the cloud.

Two modules. That’s it.

The Black&White4 makes service work and maintenance seem like child’s play. The fourth-generation module system brings together all of the basic functions on just two machine modules. Maintenance and service work only need to be carried out on the two mechanical and hydraulic assemblies. This means that the chassis can remain untouched and downtime is reduced to an absolute minimum, a major advantage in today’s hectic restaurant business!

Easy cleaning and care

There are two main criteria for the cleaning and care of a fully automatic coffee machine: Hygiene and safety. Like every Thermoplan coffee machine, the Black&White4 also meets the strictest requirements in this respect. Thanks to well-thought-out technology, it is quick and easy to clean the machine. In addition, the latest technology saves time and uses fewer resources.