Thermoplan Black & White 4C – Compact Auto Coffee Machine

The next generation, fully automatic coffee machine takes up little space and has an attractive design

Black&White4 compact

Fully automatic coffee machine on a minimal footprint.

Perfect milk foam

Thermoplan has been a pioneer and innovator in the automatic production of the finest and most stable milk foam since the early 1990s.

Heat up milk and gently froth, create even cold milk foam with a unique consistency: All this can be accomplished simply and at the touch of a button thanks to our unique milk foam technology.



Form & Function

The Black&White4 compact is the trend setter among the fully automatic coffee machines. Its clear design and high quality materials are impressive. This coffee machine is designed for heavy duty use in professional restaurants and cafés. Well thought-out design details, such as the robust display made of tempered glass, makes it easier to operate and optimally supports the machine’s functions.

Intuitive operation

The Black&White4 compact makes life easy for its users. The easy-to-understand user interface of the professional coffee machine enables intuitive and user-friendly handling. Status reports and recorded data can be read out via an interface or data carrier.

Perfected modularity

The Black&White4 compact impresses with a modular system in its fourth generation. All basic functions of the fully automatic coffee machine are set up into only two machine modules: mechanical and hydraulic. Maintenance and service work is performed exclusively on these components, the chassis remains untouched. As a result, each unit is back in use in no time.

Easy Cleaning and Care

Hygiene, safety and simplicity are the most important prerequisites for the cleaning and care of fully automatic coffee machines. The hygienic quality of Black&White4 compact is HACCP, HCV and NSF-certified. Thanks to the well-thought out technology, the fully automatic coffee machine is extraordinarily simple and quick to clean: a major advantage in the hectic everyday restaurant business.